SCM player skins You're on your own, in the real world.
You're on your own, in the real world.

i know this feeling

The past week has been a downfall for me, I lost (who could have been,) the love of my life in a short space of time. But the time we spent together i will never forget and neither regret. We chosen to go a path which we (some what) can settle on (mutual decision) .
Now the idea of her being my best ‘ever’ friend, is which i will treasure in my heart. And i adore her for that. I will stay strong and move on, no matter how hard it will be, the lonely nights will get easier and during the day i will keep it productive.
I will embrace every day with a smile and cherish every moment i have with her in my life ! :). I hope one day we will come back to where we left off, and let it blossom again !. xXx


Yep !!